Who Is Raghav Mathur – The Singer Of Teri Baaton Mein

The song “Teri Baaton Me” was sung by Canadian Singer Raghav. almost 13 years ago was not able to become a hit song of that time but now when people are spending much of their time on different types of social platforms like Moj, Josh, Instagram, etc.

And making reels on the trending topics then suddenly this song ‘Teri Baaton Mea’ made a bang on came back and spreading its magic and the craze of this song among the people especially the youngsters is spreading like fire and this song is going on in the trending list.

Raghav mathur image
Raghav Mathur image

Who is Raghav Mathur :

Well, Raghav Mathur was born on 2nd April 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, and is basically a Canadian singer and a songwriter.

He is professionally known as Raghav. His parents were Hindus from India. Raghav attended Sir Winston Churchill High School and when he was 15, music became an important part of his life at the age of 16 because of Indian influence at home he was also heavily influenced by R&B.and at the age of 16 he wrote a song that was awarded by the National Songwriters Association of U.S.A.

At the age of 17, he moved to Los Angeles, California, the United States to develop his vocal skill with Seth Riggs after that when he was in college, he joined the R&B band 11/7 which was nominated for a Mobo Award for Best Unsigned Artist.

Craze of The Song :

A few of our famous celebrities like Sapna Chaudhary, Vishal Pandey, Sameeksha Sud, and many others made their reels on this song and then this is a romantic and cute song that it become so viral overnight and was searched so much that it came in trending.

The music is so soothing and melodious that even the lyrics portion is also very good.

Hope that you will also love this song.


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