The Viral Girl Shivani , How Shivani’s Video Got Viral On Instagram

The Viral Girl Shivani

Viral girl Shivani Kumari image
Shivani Kumari image

In today’s time when social media platforms are becoming so powerful that people are getting popularity and fame by the help of different social platforms like Instagram,facebook, Josh,Moj and many other.In today’s time our luck should be more powerful in comparison to your hard work because people are becoming famous overnight without doing much efforts once if they got viral by any of such social platform.Like this girl whose name is shivani,is dancing in a wedding party (barat) .

How Shivani’s Video Got Viral On instagram

Some one made a short video of her dance and uploaded it in the Instagram reels and that video got viral overnight and now everyone is enjoying her graceful dance.You also watch her beautiful dance and enjoy.


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