Russia-Ukraine War Crises affected the Price of Gold and Sliver

Russia-Ukraine War Crises affected the Gold and Sliver Price. Lastest Rate of Gold and Sliver . Will the price of Gold and Sliver increase further

gold and silver price

Updated price of Gold and Sliver

The Rate of Gold and Sliver in India are extremely affected due to the war which has started recently between the two powerful countries Russia and Ukraine. Due to this the Gold Rate has raised to Rs.1,656 and Sliver Rate has also raised upto 2,350 rs.

Why the Rate of Gold and Sliver has Raised

Gold Price Hike: Due to the sudden war started between Russia and Ukraine the rates of Gold has reached to it’s highest rate which has been recorded till now. Due to this war many other sectors like share market and stock market also got affected badly and if this war goes long then it can gradually show more severe results also which would harmful.

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Will the price of ornaments made with Gold and Sliver increase further

Crises of the Russia and Ukraine War :-

If the war between these two countries goes long then the rate of Gold and Sliver can rise further also. Today the rate of Gold was increased and gone beyond 51 thousand.

The Highest price marked of Gold Ornaments by the MCX

Multi Commodity Axis or MCX has estimate the highest price of Gold till now. The price of Gold and Sliver which was marked by MCX raised and gone to its highest price. The latest price of ornaments made up of Gold and Sliver are marked on by MCX was estimated Rs. 2,178 of Gold and Rs. 2,884 of Sliver.

Gold and Sliver Latest Price

In between the Russia-Ukraine Crises the rate of Gold and Sliver has raised according to Indian bullion market. Today price of Gold was Rs.1,656 and Sliver was Rs. 2,350.

What was today’s latest price of Gold

This time regarding the price of Gold, the Delhi bullion market it Rs.51,627 till now for each 10 gram of Gold which is the highest rate of Gold. Last year the Gold Rate was 49,971 for each 10 grams .But this year it’s crossed this price also.

What is the latest price going on for Sliver :-

Last year the price of Sliver was marked by Delhi bullion market which was Rs.63,917 for each kg. So,Accordingly this year also the price was marked by the Delhi bullion market and the price of Sliver for today has increased and gone to Rs.2,350 and it stopped at Rs. 66,267 for 1kg.

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