Things to know before exploring Sujawan Dev temple

A temple which is famous for it’s ancient interesting history

Sujawan Dev temple is located in prayagraj. It is almost 20-25 kms far from Prayagraj city . This is a very historical temple which is situated in Bhita, Ghurpur. It is also very famous picnic spot. This place is also marked in tourism department where tourists go to see this temple and know the history of this place. This temple is containing many history with itself. This temple has also being a very important center of both Hindu and Buddha followers from the point of spiritual values also.

Sujawan Dev temple Prayagraj

Famous Sujawan Dev Temple of Allahabad

  • this temple is just in between the Yamuna river ,
  • almost 100 ft above the ground on a hump which is kind of a small hill which is made of very large sized rocks.
  • in this temple after the festival of Diwali on the occasion of “Bhai Dhuj” a fair (Mela) is organized .
  • thousand of people come to enjoy that Mela and devotees come here from each and every place.
  • this place also has a speciality that each and every year after the festival of Diwali a grand fair event is organized for three days.

The untold story of a flying temple in (Bhita) Ghurpur, Prayagraj

This place is full of greenery and peace at one side of the temple. The Yamuna river flows which makes this place more beautiful and attractive. It is said that 400 years ago from today this place was full of large sized rocks. Over this large rocks there was an old and ancient temple situated thousands of years ago. It is said that when Lord Shree Ram was going to Chitrakoot they had to cross Yamuna river. So at that time Lord Shree Ram constructed a temple of Lord Shiva. Sujawan Dev Temple Prayagraj  Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

A flying temple in (Bhita) Ghurpur Prayagraj


During there travel Lord Shree Ram, Lakshman and Goddess Sita constructed a (Shiv ling) at all those places , where they stayed for one night. There was an ancient civilization which reside next to this temple. They had a great faith on this temple.

Even today there descendants are staying there who row there boat over Yamuna river for their living.


Mythological believe of People about Sujhawan Temple

It is said that when Lord Ram, Lakshman and Goddess Sita were sleeping at night then suddenly the water level increased alot. So they have to move to some other place.

Afterward a mythological story was said and according to that on that particular night Lord Yamraj himself came to meet his sister Yamuna. When he came there he saw a this beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. After watching that which was constructed by Lord Ram, he became so happy that he givened a boon to his sister.

According to that if any brother will go their with his sister and worship with true faith he will get victory over the fear of death. After that this mythological story became so prevalent that now every year in the month of November at the time of Bhai Dujh a great fair is organized for three days in this area.

History of the Sujawan Temple Revealed

The cave in which Lord Ram, Lakshman and Goddess Sita took shelter at that night is marked and certified by the Archeological Survey of India Department. The different kinds of matter and substances which are found on the wall of that cave.

With the help of all those elements it have been calculated that the cave is almost 7000 years old. According to this, 7000 years ago we get some indications that human beings lived in that cave.

The local people of this place worship this temple with the name of Sita Rasoi. To center the faith they constructed a staue of Goddess Sita at the top of the dune. So, according to all these we got to an conclusion that this ancient temple is almost 4000 year old.

Best place for shooting, Sujhawan Dev Temple

raktanchal season 2 Vijay mishra

Now this was the whole history of this beautiful temple . Its beauty and wonderful location attracted the Bollywood also. A few scene of a popular film Omkara was also shoot here. Recently a web series raktanchal season 2 was also shoot here. Many bhojpuri songs have been shoot in this beautiful location.

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