Richest States In India by GDP

Which is the 5th richest state in India?

Any country’s economical state or the GDP of that country is generally considered as whole. Usually there are vital difference can be seen in the economy of different state in any country. Among all the states of the country the particular states , which have a better or strong economical condition generally become, the center on main points for all the big industries and factoies, trade, finance etc. The counties main GDP is also very much depends on the finanand , economical condition. These states have a vital role in maintaining the overall GDP of any country. As these states become a important part in contributing state of the country. So, here is an overview of those 5 Richest States In India according to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

5) Uttar Pradesh with the GDP of $254 Billion

Kashi Vishwanath dham

This state is one of the most populous state in India. There in this state more than 200 million people stay . it is the home of these 200 million people. Among all the other states if we compare this state then we can say this is one of the most visited state because of its important and historical values.

  • It has many major landmarks and many attractive place which have there own historical values
  • importance which attracts the tourists and people even come from foreign to visit these historical place and to know about it.
  • Few attractive places are like Taj Mahal, Red Fort etc.
  • This state is also known as it is one of the largest producer of food grain is in the whole world.
  • The food grain which are produced in this states includes gram, rice, wheat, peal, millets, etc.

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4) Karnataka with GDP of $256 Billion

Vidhan Sauda state of Karnataka Bengaluru

About this particular state according to the reports it says , that the GDP of this state over the last few decades is the fastest grown GDP in comparison to the other states of India.

  • Karnataka is one of the state in India which is the world’s fourth-largest technology cluster and is the IT hub.
  • In this state there is a diverse range of sectors are there which is the largest contributor to the state’s economy.
  • It includes sectors like textile, food processing, aerospace, clothing, automobile, biotechnology, etc.

3) Gujarat,with the GDP of $720 Billion

Statue of Unity

richest-states-in-india by GDP top 5 powerful state in india  top 5 State in india by gdp

Gujarat is an important state in trade and transport or even we can say that..

  • this state is the hub of trade and transport as in this state there are 42 ports, 18 domestic airports and one International Airport is there.
  • This state falls on the west side of India. It is India’s one of the major industrial state which is also known as the country’s petroleum capital.
  • It boasts the longest coastline of any other state in the whole world. Additionally, it is largest producer of processed diamonds globally.
  • it is the 3rd largest producer of denim.

2) Tamil Nadu, with the GDP $297 BILLION

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangam

Tamil Nadu is the second richest state of India according to its GDP. The GDP of this state and the economy is basically depends on the sector related to manufacture.

  • Trade is the also an important sector of this state.
  • In this state there are 15 minor ports, 8 airports , 3 major ports. Some major industries of this states are leather products, textiles, automobiles, clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals.
  • In this state there is also an excellent rail and road network facility is available which also play an improvement role for there trade sector.

1) Maharashtra, with the GDP of $467 Billion

Gateway Of India, Maharashtra

Richest-states-in-india   largest city in india by area 2021

This state sites in the westernmost Part of the country . the capital state is Mumbai. This state can be said as the house of some of the biggest companies of India and maximum of the important industries are also there in this state.

  • According to all the other states of India, it is the second most populous state and Maharashtra is the most Richest state.
  • This state is the third largest state in area.
  • The major industries of this states are fashion and apparel, mass media, technology, international trade, petroleum, aerospace.
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