What is the story of the war between Russia and Ukraine

, War between Russia and Ukraine, Russia-Ukraine conflict summary, Was Ukraine a part of Russia?

the story of the war between Russia and Ukraine

Reason for Russia-Ukraine War

The main reason for this war is that Ukraine wants to become a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). but Russia doesn’t want this to happen, and Ukraine becomes a part of NATO. As NATO is such an army alliance of America and all western countries which is considered as the enemy Organization of Russia. This is the reason why Russia doesn’t want that its Neighbor country to become a part of NATO.

In the year 2008, NATO decided that it would think about whether to make Ukraine a part of NATO or not. For this purpose, it has also been committed. At that time Russia had made tremendous pressure on Ukraine, because of that Ukraine has to withdraw itself from this settlement.

From that time Ukraine tried several times to join the NATO countries. In the year 2021, it again tried to join NATO against which Russia has shown very strict objection. Russia doesn’t want that its neighboring country becomes part of NATO countries and join such a group.

As NATO countries think that Russia is their enemy. If Ukraine joins NATO then, the army will reach the Russian border which is dangerous for the internal security of Russia.
Now this conflict has given a new reason for war in which more than one country can participate.

War strategy of Russia

Russia has appointed its 1,25,000 soldiers on the international border, which is almost 4500 km long. These soldiers have been appointed in the eastern and North-eastern parts of Ukraine. Even Russia has appointed. Its warships on the Black Sea also which are fully armed with dangerous missiles.

Black Sea touches the border of Ukraine. and there is a region named Crimea, which was a part of Ukraine till 2014 but after this Russia captured this region and from then till now this region is under Russia only.

Arms Used by Russia against Ukraine

Russia has posted such dangerous drones against Ukraine which can destroy any soldiers’ base within a few seconds.

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Why Russia doesn’t want that Ukraine become a part of NATO

NATO is a military group of 30 countries. A few of them are America, Britain, Canada, France, etc. As some of Russia’s neighboring countries like Estonia and Latvia were previously aligned with Russia but afterward they have joined NATO.

So now if Ukraine also joins NATO then Russia will be surrounded by its enemies for all sides. If this happens then it would be very beneficial for America to make pressure on Russia. NATO is a group of 30 countries but it is governed by America only.

Now, if all neighboring countries of Russia become a part of NATO then in future America can use them against Russia.
Once a freedom fighter of Russia named “Vladimir Lenin” said, “If Russia losses Ukraine then it would be the same as if a body loss its head.” This is why Russia doesn’t want Ukraine to become a part of NATO.

Second reason:- Ukraine falls on the western side of Russia. It has played an important role for Russia during the 2nd World War (1939-to 1945).

Third reason:- If Ukraine becomes a part of NATO then the distance of Russia’s capital city “Moscow” will only remain 640 km away from the western countries which are presently 1600 km far.

Why Ukraine wants to become a part of NATO

Before, 1917 Ukraine and Russia were a part of the Russian Empire. But in 1917 after the revolution of Russia this whole empire was destroyed. Then Ukraine announced itself as an independent country.

When the Russian Empire was in existence then KYIV was the capital of it. However, after 1917, Ukraine remained independent only for 3 yrs and in 1920 it become a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

In 1991 when USSR broke then 15 independent countries came into existence. So, we can say that Ukraine got its actually independence in 1991. But from the starting Ukraine was knowing that anytime in the future Ukraine is not able to fight against Russia.

or if Russia announces a war against Ukraine then it can’t save itself from Russia.

So, i.e Ukraine wants to become a part of such an army unit which will save Ukraine from Russia. And even confirms the independence of Ukraine. For this purpose, Ukraine doesn’t have any other better option than NATO.

What do we learn from this War (Russia-Ukraine War)…?

The first lesson is If any country is weak then any international law or treaty makes no sense. Any law or Treaty can’t save you in a war situation.
In the year 1994, a Treaty was signed by America, France, Britain, and Russia in a city named Budapest capital of Hungary.

This Treaty was known as Budapest Memorandum. This Memorandum says that these countries have given faith that in any case of war these countries will help Ukraine. They will also assure that Ukraine continues it’s working as an independent country.

But today one of these countries has attacked Ukraine. On the other hand America, Britain and France are not coming up to help.

The second lesson is The country which is weak and can’t help itself. If it doesn’t have a good leadership quality for them no countries come up to help.

The third lesson An independent country should never allow any interference of other countries in the internal matter. If such things happen then instability and uncertainties will be definitely seen in the decisions. We have seen this same situation in Afghanistan before and now the same situation is going on in Ukraine.

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