Samsung Odyssey Ark 55″ New 4k Resolution Monitor

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55″ is the new monitor which is having a 55″ inches of big and giant display screen also with a 165Hz gaming monitor. This model is especially for gaming people.

It is the latest and best 4k Monitor for gaming which has been launched in the market by Samsung. This model is specially launched for the gaming people. It has a 55″ inches curved panel and a 165Hz refresh rate. You have to wait until the “Cockpit mode.”

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 Monitor Features

It has the best 4k monitor with a 1000R curved screen(with a radius of 1m/3.3ft) with which the company promises to provide a fantastic gaming experience. This model is basically for all kinds of gaming apps. Samsung Odyssey Ark is a model which has a typical standard of 16:9 aspected ratio and comes with an outstanding resolution of 3,840×2160 pixels. The latest model has 1056 local dimming zones and 14-bit processing, due to which it has 16,384 black levels. It also has a 1ms Grey-to-Grey response time which supports the AMD Freesync Premium Pro.

Samsung Odyssey Ark has an all-new Cockpit mode, the Ark Dial, also an innovative controller as well. This is a comprehensive entertainment feature that basically empowers the user to enjoy gaming to its fullest. They can also do live streaming, chatting, and over-the-top (Ott) media services and all these at once. It even has an AI sound Booster with Dolby Atmos which enhances the sound experience of the surround with a 60W 2.2.2 channel.

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Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 Price

This new monitor has also come into the market with the Samsung Gaming Hub, it is a portal of game streaming discovery where all the game-loving people can find and play games from Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and Utopia.

It is available on Samsung online store for pre-order. Samsung Odyssey Ark’s price is 3,499 US Doller. It represents a bold new direction for gaming screens to the gamers.


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