How To Earn Money From Moj App In India

Hello guys, So today I a going to tell you about an amazing application by which we can easily Earn money by having a lot of fun.

Well, in the present time there are many different types of applications that have been already launched by different companies through which our youth are earning a lot of money by simply sitting at home and using that application. These are basically the gaming apps and a few other apps are also there.

So, today we are going to discuss one such application in detail. I will tell you about the whole process and also about the application from which we can earn money. This is a completely different application rather than from those of gaming and other application. This app is basically for those people who love to do acting, dance, singing, music, traveling, photography, sports, cooking, etc.
The name of that application is Moj in which you just simply make short videos of 15, 30, or 60 sec. and you can make a lot of money.

How To Earn Money From Moj App (Step By Step) 

Now let us discuss the steps regarding earning money by Moj.

So the first step is to download the Moj app from the Play store and install it.

The second step is to open the app. When you will open it then you will get two options:-

1) You can continue with Facebook

2) Through your Gmail or phone number.

[Choose any of them according to your choice.] After that Choose a language of your choice.

Now your I’D in this application is created. After doing all this just click on the downside of the extreme right. You will see there some signs like this 👤.

Click over that and then you will see three lines on the top of the right side. Click on the three lines. After that, you can many options are given there. Click on the first one which is the Creator Tools. After that, you will again see 5 options. What is cryptocurrency and how to beginners use it in 2022?

Click on the first one Moj For Cretors after that you will see a rectangular box of Yellow color in which it is written:- Complete application.

  • Click over that you can three tasks to be completed.
    1) Choose an option of your choice like acting, singing, adventure, Devotion, beauty or fashion, etc.
    2) You have to add your phone number and then you can also add your Instagram account with it also [That is optional.]
    3) You have to upload 5 videos which should be yours. Among these, you have to make at least one video by using the Moj application.

After completing all these given tasks. Just click on the Submit option which is given at the bottom of that page. Then Your I’D is been submitted for review and If they will find your contents are original and appropriate so they will contact you and explain to you the further process by which you can also earn money and will become a verified Moj creator.

So guys I guess now you all have understood the simple process that how you can also become a Moj creator and earn a lot of money. Now, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait anymore go quickly and download the application and earn money with fun. Till then I will try to find some interesting topics for you which will help you.

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