How to get millions of Followers just over a night on Instagram?

Today, we are going to tell you about the tricks of Instagram. With these tricks, you will get 10th times more followers and likes at double speed on your Instagram account. From the time when Tik-Tok got banned from India, our all talented tokers came on the Instagram platform and showed their talents on Instagram. In the present time, Instagram is a platform from where people who belong to a very simple background are also getting fame and name instantly once they go viral.


We are also having many such live examples and from all of them, one of the people recently whose video was shot by someone and uploaded on Instagram and his video was liked by everyone so much that his song was then recorded in Mumbai and got many offers of shows and also in television reality shows. So, I guess you must have recognized him. He belongs from a very small village Kurulgari in West Bengal.

His name is Bhuban Badyakar(Kaccha Badam). Then one more child whose video got viral on Instagram and he become a star over a night. His name is Sahdev (Bachpan ka pyaar). He also belongs to the small village of Chattisgarh. Now, these people got millions of followers due to their talent and luck.

Ways to increase Instagram followers :

Presently there is a huge craze for reels on youngsters they are making creative reels and getting a huge fan following. Unlike them, there are many who are also doing great efforts on making the reels but neither their followers are increasing nor they are getting proper views on their reels. Due to these reasons, you must be getting worried that if other’s reels are getting viral then why not yours, where is the problem arising that your reels are not getting proper views and not reaching the audience.

Or sometimes you think that it might be because on Instagram you are not getting views and likes on your reels and even your followers are also not increasing.

But none of the above are the reasons for this. Today, we are going to tell you such easy tips that with the help of those you can increase your followers. So, come let’s get to know a few such steps by which you can increase the followers of your Instagram account and can grow your I’D.

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Steps: Tips to increase the Instagram followers and grow Instagram account/ I’D:-

1) Use the Correct Images and videos size:-

So as you all know that you can post photos of any type whether they are portrait mode or landscape etc. Even though there is no such limit over the size of the photos you want to post on Instagram. But do you know the exact of posting your photos or videos? Well, if you post your photos in the exact given size then it would look more attractive and more audience appealing even if the quality of the photo would also not be damaged.

So you will get more likes even by this you will get more followers also. So the correct size for posting a photo is:- if you are posting a square photo then the perfect size is 1:1 and if it is a video then 1080:1080 pixels resolution would be the best. If your photo is in portrait mode then a 4:5 ratio and for portrait video, 1080:1350 pixel ratio would the best one. If your photo is in landscape mode then 1.91.1 ratio pixel and for video 1080×566 ratio pixels would be the best.

On Instagram, you will rarely get the option to post photos or videos in landscape mode because if you are posting in landscape mode then only half of the space is being used. So to get huge likes and followers the photos which you want to post should be 350 megapixels and Portrait mode would be the best.

2) Use Trending and perfect music in your content:-

Well, this is a very new and interesting feature provided by Instagram and it is very much in trend on Instagram nowadays. Through this, you can get millions of followers and your reels would also get viral. So, if you still don’t know the ways to use this feature then let me you the steps:-

a) Select the photo with which you want to add the music.
b) Come on the captions section over there below the tag people and add the location you will get the third option of adding music.
c) Select a song of your choice according to the photo you have selected from the music gallery.
d) Crop the best part of the song which you want and then choose the Done option.
The song is added with the photo.

3) Collaborate with famous influencers and creator’s videos:-

Well many of us are having more than 1 account on Instagram. Now, with the help of this feature, you will get double likes and this will help you to increase followers on your both Instagram accounts. So, now let me tell you the steps:-

a) After selecting the video or photo and adding the music with it then choose the tag people option.
b) Then you will get an option of inviting a collaborator.
c)Select another account and get double likes and more followers.

4) Share the links to the new content in your story:-

This feature was earlier provided to limited users who were having at least 10000 followers. But now this foundation has been removed and anyone can share their link on their stories. With this trick, you will get double the benefit. When more audience will visit your story, then they will click on the link also which you have pasted over there and by that, your views on your video will also increase, and if your video would be appealing when your YouTube subscribers will also increase. So you will enjoy the double benefit. So, to grab this double bonanza offer let me tell you the steps:-

a) Select the photo or video that you want to share on the story.
b) On the above right side you will an option of stickers. Tap on that option.
c) After selecting that you will get an option of pasting the link over the video or photo.
d) You can also select the color and font style and size. Then adjust it on the screen accordingly.


So, friends, these were some very easy tips and tricks that I have shared with you. If you will use them properly as described above the next time whenever you will post your new photos or videos. Then these will definitely help you to grow your Instagram account and help you to get more and more followers. Who might be knowing that with the help of these tricks you will also become an Instagram star very soon? So, friends just comment below in the comment section and let me know how much help was this post for you.

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