How much YouTube Pay for 10k subscribers – Genuine Answer

In today’s articles, we are going to tell you the YouTuber who have 10k subscribers how much they earn from YouTube. Do they get money on the basis of the subscribers or on the basis of views and the watch time of the video which they have uploaded. All the new creators and YouTuber are eager to now that How much can we earn from YouTube if they are haveing 10k subscribers. or How much does YouTube Pay for 10k subscribers .
So, today in this article we are going to clear that whether YouTube gives money on subscribers based or on the basis of views of any particular video.

How Much Youtube Pays For 1 Million Views in 2022?

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How much YouTube Pay for 10k subscribers in 2023

All over the world according to a survey, there are near about 3.2 billion users are there who use YouTube worldwide. These users consume around 6 billion videos in a single day. Through these users, YouTube creates around $60 billion in revenue and it increases by 35 percent every year. There are a lot of channels available for children on YouTube. Like, Ryan World earns almost $35.5 million yearly from the YouTube user which varies a little every year.
But we are here to discuss how much we can earn from YouTube which is having 10k subscribers.

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Techniques to earn money from YouTube?

There are several techniques and ways through which YouTube helps its creators to earn money through it.By applying for YouTube Partners program we can earn money from YouTube Let’s discuss those ways through which we can earn money from YouTube:-

 YouTube helps to monetize the channel of its creators through –

  • Super Stickers and Super Chats:– It is a way to earn money where your subscribers pay for displayed their messages in the chat streams.
  • Channel Membership:– In this, the subscribers do monthly recurring fees for which they get exclusive perks that you offer to your subscribers.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue:– When Your subscribers or YouTube users watch your videos then you will get a portion of the YouTube Premium Subscribers’ Subscription fee.
  • Advertising Revenue:- When any YouTube user or subscribers watch the display overlays or any type of video advertisement on your channel then you can get Ad Revenue for that.

Besides all these now we can also earn money through YouTube shorts bonuses as it is also a part of the YouTube Shorts Fund. But it can be earned only if you qualify it.

You should also know that if you once qualify it then- YouTube has a YouTube Shorts Fund of $100M to reward its creators who put all their dedication, devotion, and time to make new, original, and creative Shorts videos.

How much money do the Youtubers earn who have 10k subscribers?

So, Let me clear this to you all, YouTube never gives money to its creators on the basis of their subscribers.

whether you are having 10k subscribers or 1M, subscribers. If your channel is monetized then you will get money on the basis of views. Now, let me tell you also what is the category of views.

Let’s assume that if you have a tech channel then you will earn $1 on 2000-3000 views and if it is a comedy or entertainment video or if it’s a vlog then you can get $1 on 4000-5000 views.

So, now we hope that you have understood the whole process and the overall scenarios that that how much money you earn for YouTube per view.



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