How To Grow Youtube Channel Without Showing Your Face In 2022

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In today’s article we are going to discuss about an important Topic , How To Grow Youtube Channel Without Showing Your Face. People often wants to know about this specially the young generation. So, today Topic is that how we can grow our channel without showing our face. There are many people who have camera fear and they can’t face the camera. So for all those people who are camera shy, this article is specially for them. It would be very helpful for all you guys who wants to grow their channel without showing your face.

Ideas to grow channel without showing face

There are many easy and creative ways by which you can improve and grow your channel. By all these ways you grow your channel or page.

Let’s know those ways by which we can grow our channel without showing our face.

1) Gaming videos:-

This is the most popular way to make videos without showing your face. It is also very popular on Youtube. You can make videos on them . take any gaming application like Pubg, Call of duty etc. You Also can play those games, make videos on them, can give your own review on them or even you can do live streaming of those games.

Now a days gaming videos are getting very viral and it is such a way in which people are mainly focused on the game, on your screen that how you are play that game instead of watching your face. So if you hide your face and only through recording your voice with that game you make those gaming videos.

Even you can do live streaming of those gaming video and can upload them. If you simply record your voice, you do streaming of the gaming video or record that game and upload it on your channel. Then, it would a very good way by which you can grow your channel. There are already many such Indian youtubers how have made very good career in this field. It is also a very cheap, low budget and easy way.

To start in this field you don’t need to invest much. You only need a good system or a good mobile phone.
So it can be a good way for you where you can grow and even earn from youtube without showing your face.


It is again such an easy way in which you can make videos without showing your face and you can grow youtube channel. You can see in YouTube that there are lot of cooking channels in which the chef or cook or the content maker doesn’t show there face. Only few of them show there face otherwise they only show the oven or gas on which they are making the recipe and the other ingredients which are needed to make that item.

The name of those ingredients are shown at the side of the video with that particular ingredients. So for making such cooking videos you should know how to edit those videos and with that you need a good camera so that whatever you are making you have to show that.

So, this is also a very easy way of making videos without showing face. It is such a trend which will never get old. As people always search cooking ideas to make something different. Even there are many people who learn cooking from these Youtube videos. Therefore, It is a very good idea which you can do and you can make unique concept.

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3) Animated or edition Videos:-

This idea is basically for all those who are good in animation and editing field. All those who have good knowledge of these two things can use these two things and can describe or dictate a story and show it to your audience. Or you can teach any type of concept.

So with help of animation and editing you can record or create many different kind of ideas and then we can show it to the audience. Only thing you need for this is a good knowledge of animation and editing. So, make good animated videos over any ideas whether it is a business idea, descring anything related to digital media, explaining any life hack ideas or if you simply telling any story, historical things,etc. In all these cases you can use animation and editing and can easily create many videos. So by this way you can grow youtube channel and you also don’t need to show your face.

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4) Art and Craft videos :-

You can make art and craft videos. In these type of videos the main attention of the audience is on the art or craft which has been made in that video remains. So, if you only wants to show the art and craft ideas then you can put the camera or phone just side where you are making that craft or painting.

You can put the video over time lapse or you can explain it while making that painting. If we talk about nail art, mehendi design or make up tutorials where you are explaining any technique related to these. So this is also a way where you can make videos where you don’t need to show your face.

Even for this if there is no human interaction is there then also it doesn’t make any difference. You can search many videos where the people are not showing there face and only showing art and craft ideas because the main focus of the audience remain on the idea of making those things. People also explain jewellery making ideas, cloth stitching ideas,etc. So, these are many such ways which you should explore if you want to make a career on youtube.

Some bonus points

So guys today we have discussed about few ideas by which you can grow your channel and you don’t have to show your face also. Except these ideas let me tell you some more interesting ideas for which you don’t need to show your face.

They are meditational videos for which you can download some musical or nature sounds from youtube only and for background .  You can show slide show videos of meditation and can upload . ASMR video for which you need a good mic which catch minute voice also.

As these are such type of videos which are based on sound only which gives a satisfaction to the audience who are watching them, through the voices. You can also make videos on historical, geographical or mythological facts or stories. There are many such ways by which you can make videos and Grow Youtube Channel easily in 2022.

So, guys wish you all the best and I hope that now you also start you own channel and grow  it easily. I hope that now it has become easy for you to make interesting videos by your own unique concepts. Please leave your valuable comments in the comment box . Let us know about this post that how much helpful was this article for you all.

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