The Kashmir Files Movie Review & Public Reactions

Anupam Kher With The Kashmir Files Cast

The Kashmir Files has released on 11 March. This is a film based on a very serious issue. It has shown the true incidents happened in Kashmir with the Kashmiri Pandits. They have been thrown out from there own home. There properties have been arrogated illegally. This brutal and harsh behavior was done with them in Kashmir 32 years ago (in 1990) for which there was no law for the welfare and safety of them. This film has show that brutal and blunt truth in it which has been actually faced by them.

Trailer of the movie shows:-

Plotting of the story

The story is revolving around a boy who is the student of JNU. Darshan Kumar has played this role excellently. This boy has forgotten everything about his childhood time. He has neither seen that brutal scene of massive massacre nor he wanted to feel that pain. The media narrative has become his own narrative. Beyond that he never tried to known anything. This movie has also shown the character of that lady professor who was saying all those things which we have already listened many times earlier also. The role of Anupam Kher was most effective in  The Kashmir Files. His character has shown all the pain, anger and helplessness of Kashmiri pandit.

Few words about the director of the movie

Vivek Agnihotri” the director of the film is one of them who have not only shown a serious issue but also the brutal honest things which is required to known by every single person.

People will not promote or like this movie. WHY?

It is a slap on all those people who have ignored the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits to all those who were not able to see the pain of Kashmiri pandits till now, over all those who fight for independence but they themselves can’t see that one of there community’s people were harassed and their independence have been snatched from them. It is also a slap on the cheeks of all those who think that Kashmir is not a part of India. The people who think that Indian army are there enemy. Even many other people are there who will not like this film.

Kashmiri Pandits flies- the brutal truth

This movie has shown the struggle and fight of Kashmiri Pandits for the law and justice . which they were requesting from the government but no one listened to them. It has also tried to cover all the aspects of the incident happened at that time.

Public Reactions :- The audience were completed shocked after watching this movie and want to take a strong stand for them. Many of them have even cried in the hall during the movie. The people are asking for justice and there safety.

Budget and Box-office collection:-

If we compare this movie with the other movies which doesn’t have such a strong concept. They simply show a romantic or action stories with no extraordinary or exceptional things in them then also they get more than 5000 of screening whereas this movie as only got 500 of screening .

but then also it has given a great response on the box office. It has earned 2-3 crore in one day only. As the topic of this movie is so serious and have political issues and many other serious issues .

Now, it is our moral duty that we should do the promotion of this movie by all those ways we can do. So that more and more people know about this movie and go to watch this movie.

My last words

I think that this article has helped you a lot to known about the plot settings and the seriousness about The Kashmir Files. Even if you also want to know the real truth behind this then please go and watch this movie.

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