Why do people want to learn English

Why do people want to learn English

“The Limits of Your Language are the Limits of Your World”

Why do people want to learn English?  This is most important and main question for which we will get thousands of different answers from each individual. But what answer you are giving will decide the quality of your learning experience.
Many people will say that they want to learn for job and professional purpose, some will say that they are learning of tours, travel and culture purposes. But very few of us know the exact importance and impact which the English fluency can make on the way we perceive ourselves in the world and makes global connectivity.

English is an universal language undoubtedly. This is the reality of living in the present modern and globalized world. English is not only the international language for tourism, business and diplomacy but it also open one’s mind to a new perspective on the world.
As we meet people around the world we learn more. As we learn more our minds open to new information, experience and the way to look out the world.

How to Start Speaking English

The most important and easy way to start the English Speaking and to get fluency in English is to communicate with people who belongs to different cultures.

When you connect with different people then only you will get to known the actual truth and that will force you to come out from your fear and misconception.

Then you will come to know that other people from other religions, cultures and background are not as different as you. This will change your personality and perspective completely.

5 Ways to Speak English

Are you worried about how will you learn English? As it is very tough and difficult for many of us. Now, think what if you get to know that there are several amazing and easy ways to learn English.
Here are the 5 easy ways for you by which you can easily learn English and implement it into your daily routines :-

  • Learn English With the English Music and its Lyrics

It is a very easy way to learn English. If you like a song then you must be listening that song several times, then why not take a print out of the lyrics of that song. So that you can understand what that song is saying. As you like that song so it is definitely difficult to forget, so you will easily learn the perfect pronunciation.
Here are few tips:-

It’s okay if you can’t understand :- If you are a native English speaker and you don’t understand the lyrics or language completely then it’s natural. You can just print out the lyrics and try to read it slowly and then with the song.

NPR Music Programs:- It has a huge directory of artist interviews. It is an excellent option for music lovers.

2- Watch English T.V series Everyday

Another amazing way to learn English. If you Watch any English series or you change the language to English and put the subtitles on your T.V. You can also have the DVDs of those T.V series.

  1. Get the DVD of the whole Season and watch then regularly
  2. Other Good Programs
  3. Good English Movies

3) Read the English Newspaper and Magazines:-

You can read English Newspaper or magazines everyday. Both can be easily available in all the cities around the world. Newspaper are about real life and the news. Some magazines are published weekly and some are monthly. If you can’t find your favorite magazines you can order it online.

Some of the English Newspaper are:-

  • The Times of India
  • The Hindustan Times
  • One India
  • The Pioneer

Some of the English magazines are:-

  • Forbes Magazines
  • Film fare Magazines
  • Business Today
  • Time Magazines
  • India Today Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest

4)Books and Short stories:-

To improve your English, book reading or Short stories is good and easy way. Some books are easier to read.  As few authors writes in a simple language and use easier vocabulary. It often depends on the Author.

So you may buy such books. You may also visit the library and borrow many English language books which are simple and easy to read and understand.
Short stories are also a good and easy way to start learning English. As in reading a story you will have a excitement to know that what happens at the end.

So you will read the whole story and finish it quite easily. As it’s Start you only have to read 6000-8000 words only. These types of stories can be find on the internet or in magazines, even some books also comes of short stories.

 5)Download a Podcast

Another easy way by which you can learn English easily is that download a podcast in your phone or iPad.

There are thousands of podcasts that are available in English and to start learning English you can listen them anywhere and anything you want. While you are cooking, walking or doing some work.

This will also help you to start talking in English with other as you start listening to more English.

So guys, take advantage of such easy methods to learn English and bring it in your daily life style. Make it a part of your life and boost up your English.

Also let’s us know in the comment section below that whether these methods are helpful for you to learn English or not.

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5 Points you should keep in mind while Speaking English (Learn English)

When you will start learning English and Start talking with people then you will get know more about English. Then you will realize that you should pay attention about many things while talking in English.

1)Don’t feel shy or hesitation while talking in English :-

(How can I learn English by myself?) You should never be ashamed while talking in English . You should find chance to speak in English. Whenever you get any chance to speak in English then without any hesitation you should speak in English as it is the only way to learn English.

It doesn’t matter if you speak wrong English or you do wrong pronunciation. The main thing is that you should need to speak out and open you mouth that is the only way to improve your English.

2)Never fear of your mistakes while speaking English

The other important point is that if anytime you make mistake while talking in English then it’s not a big thing. People can mistake anytime and that’s normal.

It’s a part of our life to make mistakes while learning any new thing. Till you doesn’t make mistakes you will not learn anything perfectly. So never feel afraid of making mistakes.

3)Will anyone going to judge if we speak wrong English

If you make mistakes while speaking English then never think that anyone going to judge you. Even if you make mistakes then it shows that you are trying hard and improving. If you don’t make mistakes then it means that you are not speaking English and trying to improve it.

Never thing that people will judge you if you don’t know perfect grammar. Even though they are going to understand that what you are trying to saying and will even help you to speak the correct way of English and use of proper grammar.

4)Never become irritated if you can’t speak correctly

When you have started learning English it will take some time to get a proper fluency. During that time period never get irritated if are not able to express yourself properly in front of others.

As it’s a natural part of any learning process. Always keep in mind that nothing is difficult or hard it’s just a learning process through which we have to go. So by embarrassing or irritating you are stopping yourself from the exposure and the learning process.

5)Never compare yourself with others

Never go around comparing yourself with others. It depends from person to person, if people learn English very easily and quickly while some need time to become perfect. So never mind that at what level of your English you are,you should be proud of yourself. As no matter at what level you are because whatever you have learned for that much you have done immense hard work and homework. So just be happy and keep progressing by learning English.

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