Which one is best YouTube or Blogging as career in 2022

Do you want to start your career in online earning through internet. But you are not sure which one to choose, YouTube or Blogging. Well, guys both the lines are good to start whether you choose YouTube or Blogging. By both the ways you will get earning, fame and popularity. Now among the two which one would be the best one for you. So, to decide this first of all you have to understand yourself, about your talent and skills. After knowing that only you can choose the best one for yourself.

How would you know about yourself

Different people have different kinds of talents. Not everyone can do everything properly. To Know this you have to understand that whether you like to write more or to speak and communicate more. Even you have see that whether you are friendly to camera or a shy person who hesitations to come over camera. YouTube vs Blogging: Which Should You Start To Make Money?

Why to choose YouTube

If you are camera friendly and like to talk and communicate more then you should try in YouTube. As here in this field you have to face the audience and camera directly and make videos. People can like also or dislike also. While making the videos you should also keep in mind the quality and the video content should be good, creative and different from others. So, that more people watch your videos and you can gain a good amount of subscribers.

Why we should choose Blogging

We should follow Blogging line if we like to write more than to talk. Some are good at explaining or telling things through writing it whereas some could explain well. So if you like to write more and talk less then it shows that you are more comfortable in writing.
Many people are there who avoid coming in front of camera. They like to work more from the back of the camera. So Blogging is best for them as people will know them also by there articles and they even don’t have to come up directly in front of the camera or people. They can be popular through there blog or articles which they are writing.

Skill Required for becoming a YouTuber and Blogger

For YouTube

• Knowledge of Video Editing :-

You should know basic editing knowledge to edit the videos you are making. You should be always updated about the new software by the help of which you can make quality videos.

• Good communication skills:-

If you are making videos on giving knowledge about some particular topics or unboxing videos,etc. Then you should have a good communication power and fluency so that you can directly interact with your audience. Your audience can also easily grasp your thoughts and opinions what you are trying to convey them.

• Knowledge of Graphic Design:-

You should have a good knowledge of graphic design to create an eye-catching thumbnails on YouTube. As it is an important part by which your video would be clicked more and more views can be gathered.

• Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

As we all known that YouTube is a search engine where we can find videos related anything and everything we need. So, if you choose YouTube to work on then you should also have the knowledge of SEO by which you can help yourself in getting good rank and can get more views on your video.

In today’s time , Why it is important to understand Communication skills

For Blogging

• Good writing skills:-

For Blogging the first and foremost thing is that you should have a good writing skill.You should how to make headings and sub-heading which people try to search, how to outline your articles and a good basic matter inside it. You have to be grammatically also correct while writing the blog. You can also take help of different tools which are there for this purpose.

• To Know Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

Again in this also you should have atleast a basic knowledge to get ranked in Google Search. If you know then your blog can been seen and will get more traffic in that.

• You can thing an Unique or different topics for blogs:-

You should have a skill of studying and researching about new things, discovering new things. So that you can think of some different things to write about and you content would be unique and different of other blog writing so that your blog would be different from others.

• Photography skills:-

To make your article more attractive, artistic and eye catching you should add such photos related to your blog. It also make easier for the reader to understand. For this you can click your own photos for your Choice according. Or you can search pictures from the Google and use it.

Equipments needed for YouTube or Blogging

For Blogging

• Laptop or personal computer with internet:-

To become a blogger the main thing is that you need a laptop or a personal computer (pc). With this you also need a good internet connection so that you can post your blog. These are the only two things you need to become a blogger.

• Camera:-

It is an optional choice for you to have a good camera if you want. Obviously it is optional and you want it if you are making blog which are based on visual types such as cooking, fashion, photography, etc. Otherwise you can do your blogging with just a laptop and internet connection.

For YouTube

• Laptop and internet connection :-

For creating and uploading videos you need a laptop and good internet connection.

• Good camera:-

For YouTube videos you need a very quality of camera because your video quality will help you to grow your channel and get more subscribers. You can start recording videos with your smartphones and upload but as your channel start growing to need to invest in a good camera to get the best results.

• Microphone:-

For YouTube videos you also need a microphone to get good audio output in your videos. But it is optional if you camera has a good audio recorder.

• Software related to video editing:-

You should also have a knowledge of software which are good for editing the videos. It is also a necessary part as you need a good software to get a good video editing result.

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