AI Tools Features And Jobs For Student In India

Youth are getting information and knowledge from various AI tools and getting packages of Lakhs or more.
The AI tools such that PT and others are used in various and different ways which are very useful for the use of digital marketing.
There are more than 42 of such AI and 20 modules about that. The chat GPT was launched on November 22 after which many of the people are impressed by the chat GPT and fascinated with the facilities of this AI tool.
Chat GPT has helped out many youths in getting employment and also the jobs.
The people nowadays use chat GPT as their assistant.
GPT has brought up another level of spark in the field of blogging.
Chat GPT helps the bloggers to write more than 15 to 20 blogs in a day.
While before the invention of the chat GPT the bloggers were only able to write 5 to 10 blogs in a day at a time.
Along with this there are many AI tools which help to create presentation PPTs in a very few seconds.
The person needs to tell only the name of the topic and then these AI tools will help them to create slides or articles of the desirable quantity.

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With the help of open AI the latest version of chat GPT is launched.
Being AI powered by GPT used as a desktop browser.
The cloudy Plus is considered the option as chat GPT.
It is a desktop browser which has a premium subscription of $20 per month.
Many youth get the salary around 25000 to 50000 in the jobs.
Where the package of AI is to be expected around 7.5 crore rupees as it is explored by Netflix.

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